Honesty, Commitment, Compassion, Courage
Re-Elect  Lesa "Le" Peerman  Margate Commissioner

Honesty, Commitment, Compassion, Courage:  Mayor Lesa "Le" PEERMAN  Please check out my Endorsement page!  I am very proud of their support!



We won!

The words "Thank You" are not enough to convey the gratitude I feel to all of you who supported me, worked for me, cheered for me, and voted for me.  Many of you worked polls for me, some for all 12 hours, and all of you worked with dignity in the face of negativity and outright lies.  We all learned something very important. The light does shine through the darkness.




Lesa "Le" Peerman: Honored at the Mayor's Gala for Being a Pioneer in Broward County


From Mayor Lesa "Le" Peerman"

As YOUR Commissioner, I started my time by keeping two of my most important campaign promises: I initiated, and was successful in passing the motions to remove automatic raises for the Commissioners, and to reduce my salary to the amount before the last automatic raise, (over $8000 less!). That $8000 every year is the Residents' Project Fund.

     During my time as YOUR Commissioner, Vice Mayor, and now Mayor,  we did not raise the Fire Assessment Fee. We lowered the millage rate in 2012.  In 2013, we lowered it again, to compensate for the County raising its millage rate to pay for the 911 Regional Dispatch.  And, we have just passed the 2014 Budget, in which we lowered it yet again.

     We continue with Sounds of Sundown, and we recently started a Saturday Bus Service and  Movies in the Park.

     We completely refurbished and beautified Kaye Stevens Park, putting in benches and a walkway. 

     You will notice I say "We".  That is because the present Commission is a very different one from the Commission I first served with. No one person can accomplish anything all by him or herself. We have a great Commission now, with excellent working relationships and with wonderful ideas for the future of Margate.                                                                                                                                              


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